Whether your boat is made from wood, fibreglass or moulded plastic, to keep it looking its best it will need a good cover.
We have tough, good looking covers for almost any international class of yacht such as Laser, Optimist and Splash. For the Laser and Starling we offer both deck covers and hull covers if you want to store your boat upside-down.

For the New Zealand dinghy classes such as P Class, Zephyr, Mistral, Arrow, Frostbite etc. we have patterns and can make them to order.

Our covers are made from durable materials and use UV resistant thread to withstand exposure to our harsh summer sunshine.
If you are lucky enough to be able to store your boat inside we can also make you a lightweight dust cover.


Over a few years, the damage done by our summer sun to your boat’s paint, upholstery and perspex windows can easily exceed the cost of a good quality cover.
We make our boat covers from the latest fabrics that are waterproof yet allow air to circulate. They also have excellent resistance to our harsh UV and are soft enough to handle easily. We sew most of our covers with thread that is guaranteed for 15 years and places heavy-duty wear patches over stress points. While our covers are not cheap, they will last for years and repay your investment by both lowering your maintenance costs and improving the resale value of your boat. We make cabin top covers, boom covers, deck covers, cockpit covers, tiller covers, steering wheel covers or full stem to stern boat covers. Bring in your old cover and we will measure and quote for a new one.


Keep your expensive centreboard and rudder looking and performing like new with a foil cover from BG Sails. Even a small chip or scratch can affect your foils and be costly to repair. Our heavily padded foil bags will look after your centreboard, rudder and tiller and protect them from knocks.
We stock padded foil bags for the Optimist, Starling, Laser and other common dinghy classes and can custom make protective foil covers for any dinghy.
While we are at it, we can make spreader covers, hydrofoil covers, tiller covers, hiking straps and storage bags for just about anything.
Tell us what you need and we will make it for you.


We manufacture trampolines for all catamarans and trimarans including reproduction trampolines for Hobie Cats. While our Hobie trampolines are not certified for class racing, they are a cheap yet durable alternative for recreational use. Sewn with UV resistant thread and heavily reinforced stress and wear points, they will not let you down. We can also supply recreational sails for Hobie Cats as well as trampolines and sails for all other catamarans.

  • Hobie 14, Hobie 16 and Hobie 18 trampolines
  • Paper Tiger trampolines
  • Windrush trampolines
  • Trampolines for large multi hulls